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Enostone has been publishing books since 1999. We publish roughly 20 new titles annually. Our publications include a wide range of genres from poetry to novels and short stories, from non-fiction to books for children and juveniles.

We publish books that touch us in terms of language, form and design. Enostone has published books in several languages besides Finnish, including Estonian, Swedish, English, Arabic, Farsi, Greek, Spanish and Russian. Our books have attracted interest internationally, especially our children’s books. For more information concerning the international rights to our titles, please contact us.

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Little Mateli’s song

Little Mateli is a thumb-sized girl who lives in the branches of a great tree that supports the sky. Mateli sings all day long so beautifully that people gather to hear her voice, and the trees and plants grow with her melodies. But what happens when Little Mateli is too tired to sing?

Little Mateli’s Song is a magical story about one person’s actions, the importance of community, and the natural world that surrounds us all.

This book is the first collaboration between author Ville Hytönen and illustrator Pete Revonkorpi.

This book is suitable to read aloud as a bedtime story, as well as a lovely tale for your child to read on their own.

Little Mateli’s song was nominated for Arvid Lydecken prize for the best Finnish children’s book in 2019.